Ottawa’s bad prescription on addiction

When the federal government announced it would appeal the B.C. Supreme Court’s decision on Vancouver’s safe injection site, it chose to dismiss growing scientific evidence of the positive role harm-reduction programs can play in society. … | comment | Ottawa’s bad prescription on addiction

Well, I started another fuss at a meeting…

I have no problem identifying myself as an alcoholic, an addict, a codependent or, for that matter, just about any other kind of user. I’m an equal opportunity enjoyer — or used to be My motto was “Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess,” and I really did try to live up to it. Continue reading “Well, I started another fuss at a meeting…”

Change Your Mind Day 2008

We’d like to invite you to attend our virtual Change Your Mind Day 2008, on Please enjoy our free offerings of guided meditations and dharma talks.

Change Your Mind Day 2008 | News | Tricycle

Even if you’re not interested in learning anything about Buddhism, this is an invaluable resource for learning about meditation.

If You Own a Credit Card or Debit Card, WATCH OUT —

Credit card crooks are becoming more sophisticated. It often takes victims longer to spot today’s complex credit card scams, giving thieves extra time to make fraudulent purchases.

Five of the latest credit card scams today…

WATCH OUT… The Trickiest Scams Now

You’ve spent all that time getting your credit back, so pay attention…

Drug found helpful in problem gamblers

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – In a study of pathological gamblers, the urge to gamble and gambling-related behaviors diminished among those who took naltrexone — a drug frequently prescribed for the treatment of alcoholism and drug dependence.

Drug found helpful in problem gamblers | Health | Reuters

More and more we’re discovering that addictions are neurologically related. It has always amazed me how some are reluctant to admit that the mechanisms that make it possible for us to function as humans also have a strong influence on aberrant behavior.

From “Recovery and Addiction — For families and Friends of alcoholics and addicts

I worked my 2nd Step with Daniel soon after Nicholas went into aftercare in Florida. Here’s the step work I read to my sponsor: … Recovery And Addiction