Risk and Substance Use: The Impact of Drug Laws

“We prohibit a “bad” drug on the rationale that it is dangerous, and then construct social policies that assure high risks related to the drug’s use. …”

In essence, technology is being withheld in order to keep the risk of prohibited drug use high, in the hope it will deter use. This is morally wrong. The price of this approach is that people contract disease and die not because of the drug, but because of the social policy that prevents society from reducing risks associated with its use.
the prof speaks out: Risk and Substance Use: The Impact of Drug Laws

Citizen’s Self-Arrest Form

A proposition has been announced recently to help reduce the deficit and to “Take A Bite Out Of Crime.” If you witness a crime, it is your civic duty to report the crime to the police. When a crime is committed, you have the right to make a “Citizen’s Arrest”. Thus, if YOU commit a crime, it would be extremely helpful for you to perform a Citizen’s Self-Arrest. Fill out the form, to complete your Citizen’s Self-Arrest.
Citizen’s Self-Arrest Form

So how come Georgia is so far ahead of Florida in crime-fighting?

Alcoholics Anonymous and Me

For a long time I did not feel like I belonged in AA. I felt like others who had been there before me had more rights in meetings than me. I thought that decision making within the group was not something I had a right to take part in.

Acoholics Anonymous and Me | My Alcoholism & Recovery

Prince William to join Caribbean drug patrols

London.– Prince William is to patrol for drug smugglers in Caribbean seas during a two-month attachment with the Royal Navy, it said Saturday. William, the 25-year-old second-in-line to the throne, will begin his naval deployment on Monday.

The prince is an officer in the army but is also training with other parts of the British military, of which he would be commander-in-chief when he becomes king.
Prince William to join Caribbean drug patrols – DominicanToday.com

A few comments about the upcoming election

Our 12-step programs, without exception, have some tradition or other guideline that states that they have no opinion on outside issues, since such things would interfere with their primary purpose of carrying the message.

That’s as it should be. Can you imagine an NA, AA or AlAnon meeting if a political discussion were to get started and be permitted to continue? It’s been my experience that very few folks in the rooms are middle-of-the-road sorts, and I’ll bet it would get really exciting, really fast, and the resentments would be flying in no time!

I don’t care to get involved in such things on this blog, either. However, there are a couple of personal opinions that I would like to voice (since it’s by blog), based on observations made during my time in recovery and for some time before. They are simply my opinions, nothing else. Continue reading

The Stockbroker and the Proctologist

June 10th is the 73rd anniversary of the meeting of a stockbroker from New York, only a few months sober and fearful of drinking, and a drunken proctologist from Akron, Ohio.

Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson

William Wilson—Bill W., to generations of alcoholics—had tried to stop drinking for many years. Continue reading