Ankle bracelet has breathalyzer technology

The bracelet uses the same technology as a breathalyzer, but instead of
checking the breath for alcohol, it samples the perspiration on the
skin. After alcohol is consumed, it eventually enters the bloodstream
and a small amount is expelled through the skin.

Ankle bracelet has breathalyzer technology – Yahoo! News

A personal history of e-mail addiction

A personal history of e-mail addiction – Social Media –

It took me six days to write this piece, during which (according to the History Tab on my Web browser) I visited 371 websites and checked my e-mail 213 times. I knew the numbers weren’t going to be pretty, but I had no idea they’d be quite so ugly.

Iran To Trade Uranium With Turkey In Deal To Defuse Nuclear Concerns

“It was agreed during the trilateral meeting of Iranian, Turkish and Brazilian leaders that Turkey will be the venue for swapping” Iran’s stocks of enriched uranium for nuclear fuel rods to power a medical research reactor, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on state TV Monday.

The deal would deprive Iran – at least temporarily – of the stocks of enriched uranium that it could process to the higher levels of enrichment needed in weapons production. The material returned to Iran in the form of fuel rods could not be processed beyond its lower, safer levels, which are suitable for use in the Tehran research reactor.

Nuclear deal