I have, over the years, answered these questions in other venues. They are actual questions (I did not make them up), with the best answers I can provide.

Marijuana is a much safer drug than alcohol, so shouldn’t it be legal too?

Is it hard to come off cannabis?

How long does alcohol detox last, and what can I do to relieve the symptoms?

What is the difference between clean and/or clean and sober?

What is the difference between a therapist and a psychologist?

What is the difference between psychological dependence and addiction?

Eight Signs of Alcoholism

What do cross addiction and cross dependence mean?

How long is one considered a recovering addict?

How long does it take to recover after you quit smoking?

What is the Amount of ethanol in one standard alcoholic drink?

Does drinking 6-8 units of alcohol a night make me an alcoholic?

Is it harder for a smoker to give up smoking than for an alcoholic to give up drinking, and are the two comparable at all?

Do Buddhists Drink Alcohol?

What causes a person to become addicted to a substance?

Does Methadone Detox Work?

If you get drunk once a week, are you an alcoholic?

Can you become addicted to fun?

Can you commit an alcoholic or other drug addict?

How long would it take the average person to recover from a heroin addiction?

What is Korsakoff’s Syndrome?

Why is nicotine so addictive?

How do genes affect addiction?

How long is alcohol detectable in hair?

Question: When you are an alcoholic are you always an alcoholic?

What do you do for someone who got drunk and passed out?

Can you become addicted to alcohol the first time you use it?

Can Addictive Drugs Cause Down Syndrome?

What are the chances of an alcoholic’s children drinking?

How long can a person stay drunk?

“…3 to 4 Oxys a day…Is that a lot…”

Why do people use alcohol?

Jealous of AA?

How can you help someone who has a drinking problem?

Can you just have two drinks a day and not be an alcoholic?

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