Stuff Sponsors Say:

There will come a time when a phone call is all that’s standing between you and acting out. Get every phone number you can. There’s no such thing as too many.

Make a minimum of three calls to another recovering person — every day. And I mean completed calls, not texts or voicemail. I don’t care if all you say is “Hi, it’s Joe; I’m okay.” The point is to interact with another human.

If you don’t get in the habit of making calls now, you won’t make them when you need to.

Your partner needs to know that if you can’t stay sober, the relationship is going to be miserable anyway. Time spent on meetings now will guarantee quality time together later.

Don’t try to make up for lost time. You can’t. All you can do is what you need to do to insure that you won’t lose even more.

Your addiction was your higher power. What makes you think you don’t need one to stay sober?

I don’t want to hear about why you slipped. Tell me how you’re going to keep it from happening again.

You couldn’t get sober by yourself, so what makes you think that you can stay sober by yourself?

They say, “Anything you put ahead of your recovery, you will lose!” They’re right.

The First Step is the only one you have to do alone.



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