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“Abstinence is necessary for us not just because of our [physical addictions] but because only when we begin experiencing life without resorting to quick fixes are we able to grow psychologically and spiritually.”
~ Phillip Z., A Skeptic’s Guide To The 12 Steps

Hope, at last!

by Bill

Stepping onto the path of sobriety is the biggest decision that an addict will ever make.two-paths  We don’t choose recovery lightly; there is simply too much at stake.  Active addicts are in a position similar to that of an abused child: the child doesn’t dare leave home because it knows it can’t care for itself, and the addict can’t imagine living without the drug that was at first her friend and support, but is now a ravening beast that she doesn’t believe she can escape.

To begin with, it seems to us that there is nowhere to go.   Continue reading

Powerless…Might As Well Admit It

Recovery next...

by Bill

Before we first got into recovery, most of us had some realization of our powerlessness.  If addiction were merely something we could turn on and off — well, it wouldn’t be addiction, would it?  But what is powerlessness, really?  What do I mean — what did Bill Wilson mean — when he came up with the idea?

I think in order to clarify this point, we have to distinguish between active addiction and recovery. Continue reading