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Why Do Addicts Keep Using Despite The Consequences? — Part 2

Previously we mentioned that the pleasure center is a portion of the brain over which we have no conscious control, and that it can be stimulated by a variety of chemicals — some of them produced inside our bodies and some that we introduce from outside.  We said that the pleasure center rewards us for activities that it interprets as contributing in some way to our survival, whether they be social interactions, exercising, or more prosaic things such as eating.  We also stated that these pleasurable feelings, when pursued too far or for too long can create problems.  Now we need to examine how that happens….


Why the prejudice, anyway?

I was writing something else a few minutes ago, and an idea crossed my mind that I hadn’t ever before considered carefully.

It’s clear to me from talking to people in recovery, especially early recovery, that many of us have resentments about the misinformation and outright prejudice that still seem to exist regarding alcoholism and addiction. I don’t have to run through a litany of the things some of the Earth People believe about us — you know the list by heart. What just occurred to me, though, is a possible reason for those prejudices. Sometimes I’m sort of slow, but since it’s possible there are others out there who are occasionally sub-par in the velocity department, I thought I’d comment on my brainstorm. Continue reading