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The Secret Service’s Not-So-Secret Alcohol Problem

Without the binge drinking—and possibly drugging—there would have been no prostitutes and no scandal. But risky boozing has a dark history in the service’s old boy’s club dating back at least to the Kennedy assassination.

The Secret Service’s Not-So-Secret Alcohol Problem

Why Do Addicts Keep Using Despite The Consequences? — Part 2

Previously we mentioned that the pleasure center is a portion of the brain over which we have no conscious control, and that it can be stimulated by a variety of chemicals — some of them produced inside our bodies and some that we introduce from outside.  We said that the pleasure center rewards us for activities that it interprets as contributing in some way to our survival, whether they be social interactions, exercising, or more prosaic things such as eating.  We also stated that these pleasurable feelings, when pursued too far or for too long can create problems.  Now we need to examine how that happens….


Brew kills 16 in Indonesian Papua

Darned well sounds deadly!

Strong alcohol-pig fat brew kills 16 in Indonesian Papua – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

JAKARTA — At least 15 Thai fishermen and an Indonesian died after drinking a strong brew of alcohol and pig fat in Indonesia’s Papua province, health and embassy officials said Tuesday.

Australia — Police chiefs unite in push for alcohol reforms

The police commissioners said alcohol-related crime cost an estimated $1.7 billion a year. They said 40 per cent of people detained attributed their offence to alcohol. Police chiefs unite in push for alcohol reforms

Bar could be held responsible

WAUPUN, Wis. – A local tavern could possibly lose its liquor license or [the owner could] even face criminal charges after a man celebrating his 21st birthday there later died of alcohol poisoning.

Man dies of alcohol poisoning; bar could be held responsible — — chicagotribune.com