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Only motherhood will cure Amy’s drug addiction: Dad

Washington, Jun 9 (ANI): Troubled singer Amy Winehouse’s father believes that the only way his daughter will quit drugs is when she decides to become a mother.
» Only motherhood will cure Amys drug addiction: Dad – Thaindian News

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse’s father is an idiot.

Are You Codependent?

Do you have a hard time saying no to others, even when you are very busy, financially broke, or completely exhausted?

Are you always sacrificing your own needs for everyone else?

Do you feel more worthy as a human being because you have taken on a helping role? … Are You Codependent

Rebuilding Relationships in Early Recovery

James had been through a treatment program for alcoholism and was in his third month of sobriety. One night after dinner James put on his coat and announced to his wife, “I’m going to get some cigarettes.” Before the door closed behind him he heard his wife scream, “Not again!” Startled and confused, James hurried back inside to find out what was wrong.

James’ wife was reacting the same way she had reacted a thousand times before when her husband “went out for cigarettes.” In her mind, there was no question what this meant—James was going to a bar to get drunk and she wouldn’t see him until 2 a.m.

Even though James was working hard at recovery, and was just going out for cigarettes, his wife didn’t trust him—and she shouldn’t. …
Rebuilding Relationships in Early Recovery – Psych Central


Codependency — or, as it used to be called, co-addiction or co-alcoholism — is one of the more difficult concepts to grasp in the area of addiction and recovery. The reason for that is simple, really, because codependency is just normal behavior taken to extremes. Codependency

Hooked on a feelin’

LOVE addiction might sound fun and exciting, but the truth is the condition might be at the heart of thousands of failed relationships.

Rooted in childhood abandonment and shame, Love Addiction sees sufferers using denial as a protective, coping mechanism and become reliant on fantasy to escape the reality of their relationships. Are you hooked on a feeling? – The Daily Record

Love Addicts Anonymous