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Study Reveals First Effective Medicine to Treat Cocaine Dependence

This will be a great help during early recovery. However, it’s no substitute for a program.  No “magic bullet” will undo the psychological and social damage done by addiction.  Only a concerted effort over time to straighten out our thinking and clean up the “wreckage of the past” will give us the self-image and confidence to pursue long-term sobriety.

Cocaine is responsible for more U.S. emergency room visits than any other illegal drug. Cocaine harms the brain, heart, blood vessels, and lungs — and can even cause sudden death.


The Secret Service’s Not-So-Secret Alcohol Problem

Without the binge drinking—and possibly drugging—there would have been no prostitutes and no scandal. But risky boozing has a dark history in the service’s old boy’s club dating back at least to the Kennedy assassination.

The Secret Service’s Not-So-Secret Alcohol Problem

Molecular Fingerprint Of Cocaine Addiction Revealed

Molecular Fingerprint Of Cocaine Addiction Revealed

…”The changes we identified are profound and affect the structure, metabolism and signaling of neurons,” said lead author Nilesh Tannu, M.D. “It is unlikely that these types of changes are easily reversible after drug use is discontinued, which may explain why relapse occurs.”…