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“How could she?” Well, I have a theory — Susan Cheever

For years I lived in a drinking family in a drinking world — a world that might have been a lot like Diane Schuler’s world. Booze was my solution. If I was depressed, I drank; if I was celebrating, I drank. I drank whiskey for headaches and beer for hangovers and wine if I was feeling intellectual. Because most people I knew drank more than I did, my drinking was almost invisible. No one thought I had a problem. When my husband and I drove, I was the designated driver, because I drank beer while he mixed vodka martinis in the passenger seat. This seemed like responsible behavior.  “How could she?” Well, I have a theory | Salon Life

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Hidden Alcoholism and Family Denial

Hidden Alcoholism and Family Denial | momlogic.com

The complete denial by Diane’s family and their unwillingness to even consider that she made some horribly poor choices that morning which led to this tragedy further perpetuates the myth of “what an alcoholic looks like,” or the belief that a “mother would never do this.” As a clinical psychologist, I can tell you alcohol and drug addiction knows no race, class, or gender. Any person, even a loving and devoted mother, can struggle with alcohol dependency.