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Where’s Your Stash?


I remember when I was a kid how I’d have a full box of .22 ammo, or a brand-new pack of cigarettes, or a new package of notebook paper, and just having it would give me a safe, secure feeling.  We were poor, and it was rare for me to have more than one of anything at a time.  Hell, around our house, it was pretty unusual for anyone to have more than one thing at a time.  For me, having fifty cartridges, or twenty smokes or — OMG! — a hundred sheets of notebook paper created an unusual sense of everything being right in my tiny world — at least for that moment.  Even an unopened or relatively new pack of playing cards could do that to me.  To feel secure, I needed my stash.
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What Is That Annoying Whine?

by Bill

It usually comes from the back of the room, but is sometimes heard outside the rooms of recovery as well.  It’s not uncommon in detox and primary treatment facilities.  Depending on the situation, it may be delivered in a penitent tone or the voice of imagined authority.  Regardless of how it sounds, or where you hear it, a whine is a whine is an excuse.  And a poor one at that. Continue reading