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Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why would he think I’d care?” Well, you’d better care. Stress of one kind or another is the number-one cause of relapse.
Phys Ed: Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious – Well Blog – NYTimes.com

For years, both in popular imagination and in scientific circles, it has been a given that exercise enhances mood. But how exercise, a physiological activity, might directly affect mood and anxiety — psychological states — was unclear. Now, thanks in no small part to improved research techniques and a growing understanding of the biochemistry and the genetics of thought itself, scientists are beginning to tease out how exercise remodels the brain, making it more resistant to stress.


Exercise Can Be Addicting; Moderate Exercise May Help Recovering Drug Addicts

…The scientists who conducted the study reason that if excessive exercise is addicting, then maybe addicts could take moderate exercise instead of drugs to feel good. The findings also shed light on the potentially fatal eating disorder called anorexia athletica, in which exercise undertaken to shed pounds becomes as compulsive as taking drugs, resulting in even greater weight loss….

Exercise Can Be Addicting; Moderate Exercise May Help Recovering Drug Addicts