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I don’t mean something for nothing in terms of not paying for our relief. Goodness knows we paid out enough money, time, effort and avoidable pain to get our drugs ¹ of choice so that we could quench our painful memories and feelings. In order to survive, we had to avoid the seeming impossibility of dealing with the head monsters (and often other very real ones) that were causing the misery. Continue reading


The study of physics has taught us four basic things about energy.

  • Energy is never created or destroyed (this is called the First Law of Thermodynamics).
  • Energy can be transferred from one object to another.
  • Energy comes in many different forms, which can generally be divided into Potential or Kinetic energy.
  • Energy can be converted from any one of these forms into any other, and vice versa.

These concepts can be applied to all sorts of metaphysical ideas by people who have heard of these properties but not gone any further in their studies of physics.  However, we’re not talking about psychic energy and such; this is about energy as we use it daily, knowingly and with understanding.

When we apply energy we create work.  In physics, work has a very specific definition: Continue reading