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Flashback — Concerning A Higher Power

This was originally posted on 22 May 2014. It’s been edited slightly because I can’t ever read my own stuff without messing  around with it.

I heard another newcomer at a meeting complaining about how she’d had God shoved down her throat by her parents, and she wasn’t having any part of this Higher Power stuff, blah, blah, blah. I find this sort of thing tedious, to put it mildly, having listened to and read about it frequently over the years. Even when I was claiming to be an atheist I thought it was shallow and ill-considered. So I thought I’d write about my take on the matter. Continue reading

God As We Understood Him

© Michelangelo 1512

© Michelangelo 1512

by Bill

One of the reasons that addicts and alcoholics have problems with the idea of a higher power is our need to control.   We’re all control freaks.   We controlled our feelings by acting out — or released them in unhealthy ways.   We lied and manipulated to control others.  We hid from reality by acting out in our addictions,  and through denial and other forms of self-deception.   Most importantly,  we protected our addictions in every possible way because they were our ultimate instruments of control — the means to avoid recognition of our perceived unworthiness. Continue reading