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Thoughts On Approaching 26 Years Of “Sobriety”

I had my last drink on September 14th, 1989, at about noon.  At the end of the month, I’ll go to an anniversary meeting and pick up a coin stamped XXVI to denote my 26 years of “sobriety.”  I’m not braggin’, I’m just sayin’.

IMG_20150925_102611Don’t get me wrong: if I hadn’t become abstinent from alcohol and drugs, I’d be dead now instead of approaching my 71st birthday.  There is absolutely no question about that, and I am extremely grateful for the 12-step fellowships that supported me during those years and that continue to support me today.  I owe the past 26 years of life to the people and the institutions that blazed the trail to abstinence.  I take nothing away from that.

On the face of it, twenty-six years of abstinence is pretty impressive; but was I really sober?  Continue reading

Someone Mentioned…

By Bill

Someone mentioned that I had a problem, and I listened

Someone mentioned meetings, so I went

Someone mentioned honesty, so I tried to be

Someone mentioned willingness, and I thought I was willing

Someone mentioned meditation, and I thought about it

Someone mentioned phone numbers, so I got a couple

Someone mentioned calling them, but I didn’t want to bother anyone

Someone mentioned getting a home group, so I looked

Someone mentioned connecting with others at meetings, so I said hello to a few

Someone mentioned that I needed a sponsor, but I couldn’t find the right one

Someone mentioned 90 meetings in 90 days, but I had two jobs and I needed to rest

Someone mentioned the twelve steps, so I read them

Someone mentioned working the steps, so I read them again

Someone mentioned doing service work, so I went to a business meeting

Someone mentioned helping others, so I gave them advice

Someone mentioned making amends, but I was always the victim

Someone mentioned that I looked stressed, but I didn’t worry about it

Someone mentioned that they saw me in a bar, but I was drinking a coke

Someone mentioned that they hadn’t seen me for a while

Someone mentioned the obituary, but no one remembered me