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Thought for the day 6/10/17

This is a good day for gratitude and what-ifs: what if Bill had been offended by Bob’s issues with other drugs; what if Bill had just taken the drink he so desperately wanted, instead of looking for an alternative? What if they just hadn’t been sympatico – the high-pressure Easterner and the Midwestern physician? Would I still have my sobriety to be grateful for? What about my other 12-step fellowships? 

Happy 82nd Birthday AA!

Holiday Feelings

by Bill

Dashing through the noHolidays can be rough on people in recovery, especially those of us who haven’t yet been able to develop normal relationships with our families of origin and/or old friends.  If we don’t handle them carefully, they can be a real test of our sobriety.  That’s especially true if we’re alone. Then self-care and attention to our well being become especially critical.
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I was talking about sex addiction with my-wife-the-shrink this morning (she’s one of my strongest supports), and mentioned that I feel I’m so lucky because the way my addiction manifests itself is relatively uncomplicated to manage, compared to many other people I know.  I never visited establishments of ill repute, never picked up hookers, never frequented strip clubs and hook-up bars, and didn’t hang out in chat rooms, on dating sites, or get involved in extramarital affairs, casual liaisons, and the several other ways it’s possible to act out sexually. Continue reading

Oh No! Another Gratitude Meeting!

Wild Turkey by John James Audubon

Wild Turkey
by John James Audubon

It’s Thanksgiving again (or Thanksgivikkah this year, if you will), and around this time it’s inevitable that thousands of recovery meetings will respond with lots of sharing about gratitude. Just about anyone who’s breathing and taking nourishment has something to be thankful for, and it does us good to bring those things out and look at them from time to time.  This is one of those times.

My wife says she’s tired of gratitude meetings until she’s in one, and I agree.  People may be a bit repetitive when they share, but those folks aren’t talking for our benefit, they’re sharing for themselves: their own experience, the strength it has given them, and their hopes for the future. What more appropriate time to do so than on a national holiday dedicated to overeating and football being thankful for the good things life has given us?

Who has more reason to be thankful than us recovering alcoholics and other addicts? We are in remission from a deadly disease, and through the help of a Higher Power (however we may understand it) and the other people in our lives, we will be able to maintain that remission indefinitely, thanks to the skills we’ve learned and the progress we’ve made. People die from this disease — hundreds of them, every day of the year. Thanksgiving, too.  But we don’t have to!

Happy Thanksgivikkah! And thanks for being part of my recovery (you are, you know)!

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