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Letting Go Of Our Blindness

by Bill

purp_oxWhen we are no longer blinded by addiction, we find ourselves open to a new world of beauty and discovery.  We notice and marvel at wonders that never before registered as worthy of our attention, from the perfection of a tiny flower at our feet to the laugh lines of a loved one.  The isolation of our addiction opens up into a universe of delights to explore and cherish.

All we have to do is overcome our fear of change and get to work.

We Can’t Do It Alone

I recently ran across a piece of writing that made me really sad.  There was talk of repeated relapses and “doing things differently,” but never a mention of a support group.

I’ve been around recovery for a long time, and I have never seen anyone recover successfully without some kind of support outside their immediate family.  (I’m not saying that such folks don’t exist, but merely that I haven’t known any.)

Isolation and secrecy are part and parcel of addiction in all its forms. 

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Another Good Reason For Support Groups Like AA and NA?

The Lonely American

Americans in the 21st century devote more technology to staying connected than any society in history, yet somehow the devices fail us: Studies show that we feel increasingly alone. Our lives are spent in a tug-of-war between conflicting desires—we want to stay connected, and we want to be free. We lurch back and forth, reaching for both. How much of one should we give up in order to have more of the other? How do we know when we’ve got it right?

Two recent studies suggest that our society is in the midst of a dramatic and progressive slide toward disconnection.