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Sexual And Emotional Anorexia

“Anorexia is an eating disorder, and sufferers deny themselves nutrition and pleasure from food. In sex and Love addiction, Anorexia refers to Intimacy deprivation. In the most obvious sense, the anorexic is withdrawing from all physical Intimacy, but even among the sexually active, we can find emotional Anorexia. Promiscuity may signal Avoidance of deeper emotional, intimate contact with anyone. Just as it is not the amount of alcohol consumed that defines alcoholism, frequency and choice of vice does not determine sex and Love addiction.

“Is our behavior consistent with our values? Many addicts and codependents have Love-life imbalances. The origin of our Intimacy disorders is thought to go back to our formative experiences with needs, expectations and boundaries. In the original Big Book Step Four directions, we focus on three areas: fear, resentments and sex conduct. Frustration from an inability to sustain intimate connections with people drove many a Twelve Stepper, unsatisfied with peer-to-peer support, into therapy. …

“…Do my Relationships mirror my values? … Do I have social joy and Intimacy in my life?”

C., Joe. Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life:
Finally, a daily reflection book for nonbelievers,
freethinkers and everyone! (Sept. 3rd) Rebellion Dogs Publishing.