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by Bill

I’m a touch typist.  I’ve been comfortable at a QWERTY keyboard of one kind or another for well over half a century, but there’s something about digital writing that seems ephemeral  to me, unreal in some way, as though it can’t really last, or won’t be treasured by someone years hence who happens across it, or something like that.


I confess to a preference for handwriting in a journal.  I’m especially fond of the Moleskine© “Cahier”, the soft binding and archival paper of which suit my purposes nicely.

I can’t journal comfortably on a computer, even though I’d probably be more prolific (and since I’m accustomed to thinking while typing, perhaps even more spontaneous). But I guess I’ve been captured by the image of the mysterious diaries found in old trunks and old treasure maps brown with age from the books of my youth.  Those things are probably unheard of among today’s generations; their Treasure Islands are in video games, and their maps have GPS coordinates.

I guess another thing about it is the underlying conviction that there really is no privacy in the digital world that doesn’t sacrifice at least some spontaneity.  Continue reading

Journaling By Hand

I was going to be geekly and transfer my Journaling activities to the cloud, as I’ve threatened to do on several previous occasions. (Yes I’d encrypt them!) But I just don’t seem to be able to generate the same interest as when I write by hand.  I’m arguably more articulate — and certainly more prolific — on a keyboard, but it’s not the same.

There’s an aesthetic to pen, notebook and ink that just doesn’t translate to a keyboard when it comes to recording my personal thoughts. I have written millions of words on keyboards, both electronic and mechanical (I learned to type on a1938 Remington Noiseless — which was anything but).  However, when it comes to journaling, I always seem to turn back to a Bic Profile 1.48 and Moleskine.  

Anyone else had this experience?

Journals from Targét

For those of you who are into keeping journals, Targét has nice little
leather-covered journals with lined pages, ribbon markers and elastic
closure — very much like Moleskines, but half the price. (And
Moleskines are covered with oil cloth.) They even have the little
storage pouch in the back. $6.99 for 192 pages, pocket-sized, and
about a buck more for a regular small journal size. Good deal on a
nice little book.