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A Challenge


I belong to a 12-step fellowship that deals largely with relationships — with others and with ourselves.  Last night, at the end of the meeting, the question was raised: What Is Love.

My challenge to you is to address this question in the comments.  What is your idea of love — healthy, sustainable, long-lasting love?  I’m not referring to the lust that often characterizes new relationships.  Although it has its place in the scheme of things by encouraging us to remain with the “other” until something longer-lasting hopefully evolves, it never lasts and thus is not, in itself, capable of sustaining a healthy relationship.  I’m talking about the kind of love and respect that has old couples walking along hand-in-hand and smiling at each other at the start of their second thirty, forty or fifty years.

So, let’s hear it.  Be sure to use the comments, not the contact form, so that we can all see each other’s ideas.

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