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To squash addiction, get rid of ‘Ambiguity’ in our attitude

Dr David Moore and Bill Manville publish a weekly column on addiction that is widely syndicated. Here is their take on celebrity addiction “reality” shows. They’re not impressed.

Bill: Did you see Dr. Drew Pinsky’s special on VH1 this week – the interview with porn star Mary Carey?

Dr. Dave: The theme seemed to be, “Ooh, the crazy things I did when I was high.”

Bill: What I did not like was that those “crazy things” were made to sound sexy and attractive. Even worse were Dr. Drew’s efforts to justify the show by announcing that “today, in the celebrity world, we’re seeing an addiction epidemic.” My reaction was, Oh, really? Stupid me; I thought you were putting a porn star on camera for the ratings.

Dr. Dave: Bill, let me put on my clinician’s hat for a moment. Do I detect an overly personal note in your objections to Dr. Drew’s show?

Bill: What you hear is an angry note. Recovery saved my life….

To squash addiction, get rid of ‘Ambiguity’ in our attitude