Dental Pain Isn’t the End Of The World

giraffe-tongueI just had a tooth pulled.  It was a simple extraction: took about 2 minutes (really), including the cleanup of the socket (eeeeew!).  Never felt a thing.  

Afterward the dentist gave me all the standard instructions, including his recommendations for analgesics if needed, and said if I needed something stronger to give him a call.  I explained that I’m in recovery and don’t do drugs, but that I’d gotten through abscesses before with nothing but ibuprofen and I was sure I’d be okay. Continue reading “Dental Pain Isn’t the End Of The World”

Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about past painkiller addiction

Curtis says her addiction was so bad that she even stole pills from her
sister, who, at the time, was recovering at the actress’ house from a
broken bone.
Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about past painkiller addiction