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Twelve Questions About My Program

  1. Am I getting to enough meetings?
  2. Do I have plenty of phone numbers?
  3. Do I make daily calls to others in recovery?
  4. Do I have a daily routine: reading, meditation, journaling?
  5. Do I review my day and consider my skillful and unskillful ways?
  6. Have I determined my bottom lines, worked on the Three Circles or considered my addictive habits with the help of another person?
  7. Have I examined the behaviors that lead up to acting out in my addiction and made necessary changes?
  8. Do I have a sponsor?
  9. Do I meet regularly with my sponsor?
  10. Am I making regular progress on the Steps?
  11. Am I enjoying fellowship; having some fun?
  12. Am I changing for the better, or just marking time?

Progress, Not Perfection

by Bill

Many of us were brought up to think that we must always finish what we started.  We were told, verbally and in other ways, that “anything worth doing is worth doing right,” and “practice makes perfect,” and “eat every bite on that plate,” and “no dinner until you finish all that homework,” and on, and on.  

The search for completion and perfection in all we do has been the downfall of many an addict.  
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