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Recognizing Progress In Our Programs

In recovery, I believe, we tend to talk more about the things that can go wrong with our programs than about the things that indicate growth.  I hear a dozen conversations or shares about how to spot relapse for every one about progress; about spotting things that are going right instead of wrong.

So I thought I’d write a couple of posts about ways we can take an inventory of our changes, new behaviors and general progress toward sobriety.  Most of us know what alcoholic/addict behavior is, but how often do we think about signs of recovery?  So here goes…
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Why the prejudice, anyway?

I was writing something else a few minutes ago, and an idea crossed my mind that I hadn’t ever before considered carefully.

It’s clear to me from talking to people in recovery, especially early recovery, that many of us have resentments about the misinformation and outright prejudice that still seem to exist regarding alcoholism and addiction. I don’t have to run through a litany of the things some of the Earth People believe about us — you know the list by heart. What just occurred to me, though, is a possible reason for those prejudices. Sometimes I’m sort of slow, but since it’s possible there are others out there who are occasionally sub-par in the velocity department, I thought I’d comment on my brainstorm. Continue reading