I can’t count the times I’ve heard shares in various fellowships like this: “I just had one beer, but I figured since I’d slipped anyway I might as well have another.”  (Substitute pertinent acting out for “beer”.)

All too often, these sorts of remarks are heard from folks who were “out there” for much longer than just an evening or a couple of days, most often for months or years, and they all say it got worse than before.  Because the next morning  Continue reading ““Slips””

Are You Codependent?

Do you have a hard time saying no to others, even when you are very busy, financially broke, or completely exhausted?

Are you always sacrificing your own needs for everyone else?

Do you feel more worthy as a human being because you have taken on a helping role? … Are You Codependent

The Basics of Recovery

Don’t use; go to meetings; get a sponsor; work the steps: These are the basics of recovery in the 12-step programs. If, by “don’t use,” we can include all variations of addictive behaviors, and if we broaden our definitions to include other successful recovery programs, these are the basics of true recovery — period. I’m writing about 12-step programs, though, because they are what I know best. Continue reading “The Basics of Recovery”