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Insomnia During Early Recovery Increases Risk Of Relapse

‘”Treatment of insomnia after abstinence represents an important treatment target and an integral part of any recovery plan,” Dr. Rosenlicht and coauthors conclude. They note the critical need for more research on treatment of insomnia during early recovery…’

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Handling Cravings

A craving is a feeling that we want to get high — to forget who we are, what’s happening, what happened in the past, things that worry us, family problems and so forth. There are times when we’re unable to think about anything else, and others when the cravings are fleeting and easy to ignore…. Handling Cravings

Relapse Triggers — People, Places and Things

Addicts in early recovery often think they can overcome the effects of relapse triggers, despite having spent a long time proving otherwise.



Fight Complacency in AA and Avoid Relapse — Spiritual River

When I was in early sobriety, I imagined that there must be a certain point that people reach in recovery where they are now going to “make it.” A certain length of clean time where people are protected against the threat of relapse.

Turns out this simply isn’t true. In fact, the statistics for long term sobriety are quite frightening–-the drop off rate of relapsing addicts and alcoholics doesn’t really slow down much as your length of sobriety increases.

So what causes a person to relapse after experiencing a genuine sobriety? The answer is complacency.