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Zen Driving

Formula what

Yee-Haw! I’ve got my driver’s license!

We all think we know how to drive, and to a certain extent that’s true. We have learned the mechanics of driving. We can get our vehicle from place to place, usually with no problems. The really important skills, however, may have escaped us. What I’m going to discuss here is a different way of thinking about driving, one that will simultaneously provide the benefits of meditation, while at the same time it will make you a better driver.
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Traffic Management By Dunkin’ Donuts

the finger

by Bill

There’s a D’n’D just up the street from my wife’s workplace that often causes a traffic backup in the right lane.  I’ve gotten in the habit of staying in the left lane, then changing lanes ahead of the cars turning into the drive-though.

This morning I was just getting ready to make my lane change, and the “asshole” in the right lane didn’t turn into Dunkin’ Donuts. Boy, was I pissed! And then I thought, “Who’s the asshole here, anyway?”

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