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Inertia In The Rooms

Newton's First Law

Newton’s First Law

There was a recent attempt to change a group by-law in one of the fellowships that I attend.  Although it would have affected only that group, it was a pretty big deal.  So far as anyone could tell (including the national office) it had never been done before, although it didn’t seem to violate any of the national by-laws or the traditions. I had my reservations, but I sat in on the meetings and gave input in an attempt to keep things from becoming too radical.

Want to get a lot of folks to a 12-step business meeting?  Try changing a by-law that would curtail a current custom.  There were at least four times as many members there as I had ever seen at a business meeting — maybe five times. The discussion was amicable, however, and the proposal was defeated by about a five to one margin.  Addicts. Do. Not. Like. Change.  However, we do love our rituals.
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