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The Bogus Conflict of Science v. Religion

This is a repeat of a post back in 2014. It may not seem to have anything to do with recovery, but since recovery is about learning to think clearly as much as anything else, and since the problems some folks have with the idea of religion can hinder recovery, I believe the relevance merits repeating it.


It seems to me that, philosophically speaking, there can be no actual conflict between science and metaphysical issues such as religion. I think the “conflict” is mostly a construct designed to divide (and hopefully conquor) for economic and/or political purposes.

As a discipline, science involves only things that can be observed, measured and quantified.  Metaphysics involves things that cannot be measured, observed, quantified, or shown to exist or not exist using scientific methods. As any logician will tell you, failure to prove something does not constitute proof of anything. Therefore, there can be no discussion of metaphysics based on science, and “science” as a discipline cannot have an opinion, pro or con, on metaphysics.

Logic and observation can confirm scientific principles, but even in those cases it can only predict probable outcomes based on observation. Those who believe in metaphysical matters can believe whatever they want, and science can neither prove nor disprove it.  Thus, it seems to me that no conflict can exist except in the minds of those who want it. Continue reading