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Love and Alcoholism

 “Even after he cheated in a drunken stupor, I was reminded by his friend that he “needed me right now more than ever” and I should put my feelings aside. I repeatedly found myself accepting unacceptable behavior and simply blaming it on the alcohol. When you love an alcoholic, their drinking defines you too, until it drowns you like a wave crashing over you….”


Dare To Be Yourself

It’s a revelation—and an affliction. Human infants have no capacity for self-awareness. Then, between 18 and 24 months of age, they become conscious of their own thoughts, feelings, and sensations—thereby embarking on a quest that will consume much of their lives. For many modern selves, the first shock of self-recognition marks the beginning of a lifelong search for the one “true” self and for a feeling of behaving in accordance with that self that can be called authenticity.

A hunger for authenticity guides us in every age and aspect of life.

Psychology Today: Dare To Be Yourself

Journals from Targét

For those of you who are into keeping journals, Targét has nice little
leather-covered journals with lined pages, ribbon markers and elastic
closure — very much like Moleskines, but half the price. (And
Moleskines are covered with oil cloth.) They even have the little
storage pouch in the back. $6.99 for 192 pages, pocket-sized, and
about a buck more for a regular small journal size. Good deal on a
nice little book.