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Youth and Pornography Addiction

Letting teens get their quick fix of sex on the net could cause long-term physiological and psychological damage.

High-speed Internet pornography, more specifically the addiction to seeking novel and increasingly shocking images, is to blame for [many] sexual problems.



Jonesing for a rogering? You’re not alone

Sex addiction:Jonesing for a rogering? You’re not alone.

“My drug of choice was whatever you got – a smorgasbord of pornography, hookers, anonymous partners. My goal was (to score) every day. It was like being a junkie,” says Jim, a 34-year-old Edmonton executive and married father of two.

In his darkest hours, he was a Jekyll and Hyde in a three-piece suit, skipping work to troll for prostitutes or hook up for free sex with someone he’d met online.

“It was like a second job. I felt completely out of control, utterly hopeless. I’d become a passenger in my own life,” says Jim, whose infidelity and lies started before his marriage, and continued for years before a regular sex partner contacted his wife in a jealous rage one night and blew his cover.