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Why Wait A Year?

by Bill

As newcomers to recovery we want to feel safe, and perhaps a bit cared for.  Some of us may have been longing for those feelings for most of our lives.  There is a tendency for some of us to forget what the rooms of recovery are actually about — a group of flawed people who are gathered together for mutual support.  It’s important to remember that none of us are there because we are healthy, well-balanced people.  Even old-timers have their issues (at least this one does), some of which may have been addressed and some that may yet need to be.

Inevitably, we discover that rooms full of fallible, flawed human beings may contain a few who do not have our best interest at heart, just like out in the “real” world.  Yes, it’s true.  Whether or not we like to talk about it, there are predators in the rooms of recovery. Continue reading