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Sharing: What’s your point?

When we share, do we want to understand, solve a problem,
self-justify, elicit sympathy or just hear ourselves talk?
~ Joe C. Beyond Belief 7/2

I have a friend, a great guy, easy to like, warm, friendly — the kind of guy you’d like to kick back, eat pizza and watch a ballgame with, or go for a walk and just talk.

He drives me nuts! Continue reading

Keeping It In The “I”

Most of us want to believe that we are the masters of our own fate, the “captains of our souls” — unique — and that no one could understand our complex problems but us.  Others may have said things that threatened our various addictions, or we may have had overbearing caregivers.  The natural rebelliousness of adolescence may have carried over into our adulthood.  Whatever the reason(s), few people like to be given advice, addicts least of all.  Unfortunately for those of us whose addictions have brought us to recovery, “our best thinking got us here.”   Continue reading

Sharing in 12 Step Meetings

We all bring secrets into recovery, but we can’t throw our garbage into the proverbial closet and leave it there indefinitely. After a while it starts to seep under the door and stink up the whole house. That’s why we have the 4th and 5th of our twelve steps:

Steps 4 and 5 of the twelve steps of Alcoholic Anonymous.

Those steps, shared with a sponsor or other trusted person, help us come to terms with our past. Getting our secrets out in the open gives us the willingness and ability to move beyond that part of our lives.  MORE…

Sharing at Meetings: Keeping it in the “I”

None of us — especially alcoholics, addicts and codependents — like to be told what we “should” be doing. We’ve been working on this problem for (hours, days, weeks…decades) and some clown thinks all the answers can be found in three minutes of listening and a few minutes of uninformed advice? Bullshit!

Keeping It In The “I”