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Change Your Mind Day 2008

We’d like to invite you to attend our virtual Change Your Mind Day 2008, on tricycle.com. Please enjoy our free offerings of guided meditations and dharma talks.

Change Your Mind Day 2008 | News | Tricycle

Even if you’re not interested in learning anything about Buddhism, this is an invaluable resource for learning about meditation.

The Second Road

Here’s the deal. I just finished the second draft of my second book, which has the working title, God Is. Now What? It’s basically about having a working faith in God outside of the confines of organized religion. The manuscript is up at my agents, but I’m frankly hungry for feedback. Below is a piece of the “Note,” which opens things up. I’d love to hear reactions just to this tiny portion. What I’m trying to do is be part of what I see as a change in our conversation about faith.

Bouncing Off The Bottom