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Spirituality In Small Things

by Bill

Sometimes we try too hard. It’s possible to try so hard to “work a good program” that we forget to relax and be us. We forget that the world has many things to offer in the way of both material and spiritual sustenance, but when we take the time to look around we see not only opportunities for improvement, but also ways to enjoy ourselves that support our recovery rather than our addictions.
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Sobriety, Spirituality Linked for Teens in Treatment

Principal Investigator Dr. Maria Pagano, associate professor of psychiatry at [Case Western Reserve University’s] School of Medicine, suggests that “changes in spirituality during treatment may serve as the ‘switch’ that moves youth off of the track of substance dependency and onto the track of recovery and enhanced well-being, thereby countering harmful social trends like youth unemployment and decreased volunteering that have worked against addiction recovery.”

More: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/11/131113152605.htm