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Am I Really “In Recovery”?

frog-on-a-log-clipart-1At most meetings of anonymous fellowships we have “go arounds”, where attendees identify themselves and assure one another that they are qualified to be present.  We hear “My name is Eddie, and I’m an alcoholic,” or “My name is Freida, and I’m addicted to gambling,” or “I’m Bill, in recovery from sex addiction,” or “I’m Larry, and I’m qualified to be here.”

Only Bill claims to be in recovery, and yet on closer inspection it may turn out that he’s merely attending meetings, while Larry — whose only claim is that he’s qualified to be here — may, indeed, be truly “in” recovery.

What does it mean, to be in recovery?  Continue reading


girls_sitting_on_benchBy Bill

I’ve come to believe that going to meetings, getting a sponsor and working through the 12 steps is the most important part of recovery.  Why?  Because the process provides a template for dealing with recovery and its problems.  

When I got to recovery, I was a victim of my own Most Unexceptional thinking.  Someone pointed out to me that just because you can take a watch apart, it doesn’t mean you can put it back together;  you have to learn the skills.  That made sense to me. I had been unable to think myself out of multiple addictions, and it was clear to me that I wasn’t going to be able to think my way into recovery.  I needed to listen to people who had done what I needed to do, and learn from their experiences (and my own failures).  Getting a sponsor is really a prerequisite for going through the steps effectively, so I thought I’d kick out a few ideas about sponsorship.  READ MORE…


Sponsor Stuff (Part 1) — Sunrise Detox Blog

Therapists use a variety of tools to help newcomers and those formerly sober folks who felt the need to do some additional field work. One therapist I know likes to use the concept of the AA “Askit Basket”, adapted to a mixed group of alcoholics and other addicts, where participants put anonymous question slips into a basket or jar, and then the group uses them at random to stimulate discussions. With the permission of the group, she passes the anonymous questions on to me, and I try to craft explanations for a wider audience.

Lately there have been a lot of questions about sponsors and sponsorship, so I thought I’d devote a couple of posts to questions about that important subject.  Read more at the blog…