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We Can’t Do It Alone

I recently ran across a piece of writing that made me really sad.  There was talk of repeated relapses and “doing things differently,” but never a mention of a support group.

I’ve been around recovery for a long time, and I have never seen anyone recover successfully without some kind of support outside their immediate family.  (I’m not saying that such folks don’t exist, but merely that I haven’t known any.)

Isolation and secrecy are part and parcel of addiction in all its forms. 

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Sobriety Got Me Though One Heck Of A Week

Occasionally in life, even in sobriety, we have periods that just plain suck. As a sponsor of mine was fond of saying, “In sobriety, life didn’t get better right away but it got real clear!” The difference is, in sobriety we’re able to feel our pain, work our way through it, and come out the other side in a healthy way, instead of stuffing all those feelings and having to deal with them later when they start squishing through the cracks in our mental armor.

One of my oldest friends passed away last Friday….

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Smokers tend to give up in groups

Giving up smoking is contagious – people are more likely to quit in groups than alone, a study suggests.
BBC NEWS | Health | Smokers tend to give up in groups

Tobacco products are the only products legally sold in the “first world” that are known to be harmful to 100% of users. Still smoking? In “recovery?”