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I’ve written about this before, but I think it’s important enough that I’m doing a sort of reprise.

I have a couple of friends from the program who call me almost daily.  The calls are inevitably for one of two reasons: lightweight “bread-and-butter” calls (okay under some circumstances, just to touch base) or to bitch about things that they’d rather whine about than change (not okay, in case you didn’t get the drift).

Part of my job, as a person in recovery, is to support others traveling the same road. In the rooms we do that in various ways: sponsorship, example, showing up at meetings, sharing, taking phone calls, listening, fellowship, and any number of other things.  These things are as integral a part of our programs as abstinence from acting out in our addictions.  We don’t do these things simply out of altruism or codependency; they are the things that keep us on the path in sobriety.  Frankly, I don’t dare not do them!  They don’t make me special; they make me part of a program of recovery. Continue reading

Someone Mentioned…

By Bill

Someone mentioned that I had a problem, and I listened

Someone mentioned meetings, so I went

Someone mentioned honesty, so I tried to be

Someone mentioned willingness, and I thought I was willing

Someone mentioned meditation, and I thought about it

Someone mentioned phone numbers, so I got a couple

Someone mentioned calling them, but I didn’t want to bother anyone

Someone mentioned getting a home group, so I looked

Someone mentioned connecting with others at meetings, so I said hello to a few

Someone mentioned that I needed a sponsor, but I couldn’t find the right one

Someone mentioned 90 meetings in 90 days, but I had two jobs and I needed to rest

Someone mentioned the twelve steps, so I read them

Someone mentioned working the steps, so I read them again

Someone mentioned doing service work, so I went to a business meeting

Someone mentioned helping others, so I gave them advice

Someone mentioned making amends, but I was always the victim

Someone mentioned that I looked stressed, but I didn’t worry about it

Someone mentioned that they saw me in a bar, but I was drinking a coke

Someone mentioned that they hadn’t seen me for a while

Someone mentioned the obituary, but no one remembered me