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I don’t mean something for nothing in terms of not paying for our relief. Goodness knows we paid out enough money, time, effort and avoidable pain to get our drugs ¹ of choice so that we could quench our painful memories and feelings. In order to survive, we had to avoid the seeming impossibility of dealing with the head monsters (and often other very real ones) that were causing the misery. Continue reading


TANSTAAFLAddicts don’t do waiting well.  It’s not natural for us to wait.  We’re used to looking ahead to the next drink, drug, romantic encounter, twinkie, sale, thrill or what have you, and we want it right now!

The culture we live in doesn’t help.  It encourages us to take the easy route to — whatever.  We are told that the next easy, fun, fulfilling, better experience is just around the corner, if only we spend, read the next quick fix book by the current guru, try the latest designer beer, buy that Rolex.  We come to believe that life would be just great if we had that new car, pair of shoes, tried out that new restaurant, could get a date with that…you get the idea. Continue reading