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THE FIX Is Back!

The Fix, an occasionally outrageous but always thought-provoking journal of sobriety, was purchased out of bankruptcy a few months ago, and has been undergoing a makeover aimed at increasing its readership and the breadth of its service to the recovering community.  The first issue will go live on 11/25, but you can go to the site for a preview of the new look and some good reading.

I’ve been known to disagree with various of The Fix‘s writers in the past, but I’ve never failed to check out each issue.  Sign up for their weekly newsletter while you’re there.


Is consolidation of treatment centers a good idea?

Bain Capital is trying to consolidate an unlikely industry: addiction treatment centers.

Ignore the political references.  I didn’t think they were appropriate either.  They polarize, to a degree, what should be an objective article.

After you read the article, why not come back and tell us what you think.  If you’ve been in treatment, tell us about your experience, and how you think something like this might have impacted it.  Of course you have an opinion.  All addicts do; we’re overloaded with them!

$100,000 and a Dream: One Gambler’s Lotto Meltdown

Glamorous tales abound of high-rollers losing millions in a night, but the sad truth is most gambling addicts go bankrupt one scratch card at a time.